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Unofficial Results

General Election November 8, 2022


Ballots Cast354,670
Registered Voters597,073



Unofficial Results will be updated every five minutes starting at 8 pm CT / 7 pm MT as long as there are new updates to be posted.
  • Recount Information
    Recount information may be found here.
  • Registered Voters
    All individuals registered by the voter registration deadline (includes active and inactive voters).
  • Turnout Calculation
    Turnout calculation is only based on active voters.
  • Unofficial vs Official results
    The results on election night are unofficial results until the 66 county canvass boards and the State Canvas Board canvass and certify the election results after the election. The results become official results after the county and state canvass the election results.
  • Vote Center Counties
    These counties use electronic pollbooks which allows voters to vote at any vote center in the county, instead of having to vote at the precinct they are registered to vote in.
  • Tied Recount
    12-21-43. Tie vote after recount determined by lot--Issuance of certificate. When a tie vote between candidates is found to exist on the basis of any such recount, and by reason of such tie vote it cannot be determined who has been nominated or elected, it shall be the duty of the authority charged by law with the responsibility of issuing the certificate of election or nomination to fix a time and place for the drawing of lots by such candidates involved in such tie vote, giving reasonable notice of such time and place to each of such candidates. Each such candidate may appear at the time and place designated either in person or by a representative, whereupon in the presence of such authority charged with the responsibility of issuing the certificate of nomination or election, the candidate or candidates entitled to the certificate or certificates of nomination or election shall be determined by drawing of lots in the manner directed by such authority, and the certificate or certificates of nomination or election shall be issued accordingly.