Shantel Krebs : South Dakota Secretary of State
General Election - November 8, 2016
Precincts Fully Reporting: 707 of 707
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0 of 707
Last Updated: 11/9/2016 7:55:14 AM
State Legislative Races

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State Senator - District 33

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         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Phil Jensen7,65161.61%
   DEM Party Haven Stuck4,76738.39%

Meade County

Precincts Reporting: 37/37 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/37
Precinct Level Results
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Phil Jensen1,58666.98%
   DEM Party Haven Stuck78233.02%

Pennington County

Precincts Reporting: 45/45 
Precincts Partially Reporting: 0/45
Precinct Level Results
         Votes   Percent         
   REP Party Phil Jensen6,06560.35%
   DEM Party Haven Stuck3,98539.65%